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“Drs. Tice and Southard are leaders in naturopathic medicine. They are laying the foundation for true holistic healing" 

Gabriel Cousens MD, Director of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center

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    Welcome to New Earth Natural Wellness

    Whether you've come looking for an intelligent, professional alternative to allopathic (conventional) medicine, or you're already familiar with the enhancements to your well-being our services can bring, we welcome you.

    Our services, which include practices derived from both ancient wisdom and modern techniques, are specifically designed to restore balance and optimal functioning to your whole being. These techniques include homeopathy, botanical medicine, and professional nutritional consulting, all of which, when properly utilized, act as stimulating forces to either return your body to wellness or help you maintain that state of radiating health.

    It is our hope that you will allow us to empower you through education, professional guidance, and realistic solutions for the modern world to create and maintain within you the state of wellness you so richly deserve.

    If what we offer sounds of interest, please feel free to explore our site, and then give us a call and tell us how we may help you.

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